Cyber threat detection and response services

Advanced solutions to help your business identify and manage cyber threats.

Penetration Testing

Uncover known and unknown vulnerabilities across your networks and infrastructure.

Managed SIEM/SOC

Powerful SIEM technology combined with human expertise to deliver comprehensive protection.

Cyber incident response

Immediate and effective cyber incident response and recovery services.

Digital forensics

Cybercriminal investigations and in-depth reporting delivered by expert digital forensic analysts.

Managed detection & response (MDR) service

Leverage a fully managed solution to detect, respond and recover from cyber threats.

Vulnerability scanning service

Quickly scan for known security vulnerabilities across your business.

Detection and response

Your business’ cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving, so it’s important to be proactive and deploy solutions to help you detect and respond to threats quickly and efficiently.

Remote working environments and the adoption of cloud technology has exposed businesses to more vulnerabilities than ever before and presented hackers with more opportunities to find exploits. Our detection and response solutions provide your business with a multi-layered approach to identifying and managing cyber threats, helping you to protect your networks and infrastructure from attackers 24/7/365.

Expert threat detection and response solutions

Cyber Resilience

Improve your cyber resilience with Bulletproof’s trusted security detection and response solutions.

Expert Analysts

Expert security analysts help you monitor, manage, and respond to threats to protect your business.

Flexible Solutions

An affordable premium cyber security service designed to suit your business and security needs.

24/7/365 Protection

Around the clock monitoring and protection to ensure your business defends against evolving threats.

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Bulletproof were the only company who could provide the whole package of security services in the way that we needed them. They work seamlessly with my operations team and are very responsive, meaning we can rely on them totally to keep us secure.

Bryn Jones Pure Planet, CTO

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    Detection & response FAQs

    Detection and response is the process of identifying, managing, and mitigating cyber security threats in real time. Threat detection and response is key to securing your network and data against cyber attacks. A Managed Detection and Response (MDR) combines the intelligence of powerful SIEM technology with human expertise to deliver proactive detection and response to cyber threats, while spotting anomalies that are immediately investigated and remediated.

    A cyber incident response will help your business quickly recover from a security incident and minimise the impact it has on your business.

    Vulnerability scanning will help manage your cyber security risks and deliver insightful reports showing where your security weaknesses are.

    Manage your log data to investigate and identify any suspicious activity 24/7/365 with a SIEM platform supported by our expert SOC analysts.

    Enhance your cyber security with an MDR to deliver real-time detection, analysis and response to cyber attacks.

    With digital forensics, reports are compiled to help your business understand how and why a cyber incident took place, whether it was the cause of human or technical error, or if it was due to a cyber attack.

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