Protect against data breaches with GDPR training

On-site or virtual video training to achieve maximum learning outcomes

Why choose Bulletproof GDPR training for your employees?

Informed Trainers

Bulletproof’s EU GDPR certified training staff can answer all your questions on GDPR.

Engaging Sessions

Our carefully crafted compliance courses are designed for maximum engagement, boosting knowledge retention.

On-going Support

Keep staff knowledge topped up with refresher GDPR courses and training in other compliance areas.


Build a cost-effective GDPR training package to suit your specific objectives.

On-site or Online GDPR Training

Get all the benefits of Bulletproof’s insightful GDPR Training in a way that works for your organisation. With on-site and online delivery options all your employees can become GDPR experts – including those who work remotely or on shifts.

The Bulletproof training portal provides expert online training through a series of engaging videos covering the key areas in GDPR compliance. Staff can access these videos across multiple devices making it easy to fit their GDPR training around their working day.

Thanks to Bulletproof’s mix of experienced trainers and high-quality, engaging videos, you can simply choose the best-fit delivery method for your organisation. Both online and on-site training options are focussed around driving maximum engagement and knowledge retention for your staff, which is vital for maintaining on-going GDPR compliance and enhancing data protection standards.

Essential training for GDPR compliance

GDPR training is vital to ensure that all staff comply with data protection law and understand the impact GDPR has on your business. Bulletproof GDPR training courses will strengthen data protection knowledge within your organisation and ensure your staff and business operations are GDPR compliant.

What To Expect

Our CREST-approved social engineering team follow an industry-standard penetration testing methodology in order to maximise the impact of your test.

  1. Scoping – Accurate scoping ensures that your test is meticulously crafted to meet all your security and business objectives
  2. Reconnaissance – This intelligence gathering phase uses a variety of open and private sources, including those used by real-world hackers
  3. Exploitation – Exploitation is where our expert testers execute our pre-planned social engineering campaigns
  4. Reporting – Results are presented in an easy-to-understand report, including executive summary and technical breakdown

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Frequently asked questions

For organisations or departments with higher levels of data processing, or internal Data Protection Officers, one of Bulletproof’s more specific GDPR training courses is recommended.

  • Trains employees to spot a breach, and know who to report a breach to escalate a response
  • Trains employees to know how to handle a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)
  • Explain to employees the business risk of regulatory fines and reputational damage

All roles within a business should undergo data protection awareness training as they all have a role to play in protecting personal data. Without a clear understanding of data protection laws, organisations are at risk of data protection non-compliance which can incur huge fines and reputational damage.

An employee’s awareness and understanding of data protection law will enable them to comply with GDPR and understand the impact GDPR has on the business. Data protection training is a huge benefit to companies to ensure every employee understands the basic principles of data protection, the processing of personal data, and how data protection impacts the entire business.

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