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Take the hassle out of achieving and maintaining GDPR compliance with our range of services.

GDPR compliance services delivered by experts

Qualified consultants

Our certified GDPR practitioners have extensive experience in both public and private sectors.

Cost-effective compliance

Choose from a range of GDPR solutions to suit your current level of compliance and your budget.

Enhance your security

Our team will help improve your data security policies and procedures with GDPR principles.

Ongoing support

Maintain compliance over time with staff training, GDPR consultancy and a managed DPO service.

Achieve and maintain GDPR compliance without the hassle

Our experienced consultants can help you make sense of GDPR principles and implement actionable plans to achieve compliance.

By leveraging our GDPR services you can free up your internal resources, take the pain out of staying compliant with GDPR policies and avoid data breaches.

Whether you’re just starting out on your GDPR compliance journey, or you’d like to review your existing policies and procedures, we have a range of solutions to suit your needs.

Explore our range of GDPR solutions

GDPR gap analysis

Our GDPR gap analysis service explores your business policies, processes, resources, governance and technology to identify areas of non-compliance. You will receive a comprehensive report showing your current level of compliance against the requirements of the GDPR.

This service is perfect for organisations that are just getting started in their compliance journey.

Why choose Bulletproof?

With our vast experience in both information security and cyber security, our clients trust us to provide expert, actionable advice to help solve even the most complex data protection challenges.

Our consultancy team is made up of certified GDPR practitioners and data privacy experts. We help businesses of all sizes implement and maintain their compliance standards, providing guidance on all aspects of data protection regulations and how to address the risks of handling personal data.

Here’s what our customers say about us

The Belron Group has over 18 million customers around the world, therefore data protection must be at the forefront of our operations. Bulletproof's team are clearly very experienced and their knowledge enabled us to cultivate a privacy-by-design model across our Autoglass brand. Their expertise has been invaluable in helping us protect our customers' personal data.

Steven Christophorou Autoglass®, Legal Director

When it came to GDPR compliance, we needed a partner we could trust to help us navigate this complex subject. Being a market leader of payroll and HR outsourcing means that GDPR is a priority area for PayAsia. We found Bulletproof’s friendly consultants helped us quickly understand our current state of GDPR compliance, and their detailed report allowed us to easily see the steps we had to take.

Chris Brunton PayAsia, COO

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    It was enacted into UK law as the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018), and, while the UK has now left the EU, it is retained under UK law as the UK GDPR and sits alongside an amended version of the DPA 2018.

    Personal data is information that relates to a living individual. It means the individual can be identified directly or indirectly by one or more pieces of information that are specific to that individual. Examples of personal data include your name, email address, passport number, an IP address or even location data.

    Every business, regardless of size, will handle some form of personal data, whether it is that of staff, customers or suppliers, so the GDPR is applicable and must be adhered to.

    Additionally, as the use of personal data is increasingly in the spotlight because of the ever present and intrusive nature of social media, individuals are becoming much more concerned about the use of their data, making it more likely that they will make conscious decisions about the organisations they use and trust, which could have a direct commercial impact.

    Finally, achieving GDPR compliance does not mean you won’t have a data breach, but it does help to reduce your risk and the subsequent repercussions of any such breach e.g. reputational damage, fines, and legal action.

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