Mobile application penetration testing

Advanced and flexible mobile application pen tests from our certified security experts

Bulletproof mobile app pen testing

Test Any Platform

We test apps built for iOS, Android and other platforms to ensure security and safety across multiple devices.

Crest Certified Security Experts

All Bulletproof security pen testers are independently qualified by industry-recognised certification bodies such as CREST.

Comprehensive Reporting

You’ll receive a comprehensive report complete with remediation advice and guidance. As well as a full debrief call to run through the findings.

Free Vulnerability Scans

Protect your business with 12 months Free vulnerability scans when you choose Bulletproof as your pen testing partner (Up to 8 ext. IP addresses).

Mobile app pen testing

Mobile application penetration testing methodically uncovers cyber security flaws in apps built for Android, iOS and other platforms. By revealing security flaws affecting mobile app architecture, mobile application penetration testing is the best way to make sure you’re safeguarding your data and your reputation.

During a mobile app pen test a qualified Bulletproof penetration tester takes on the role of a hacker and attempts to exploit a mobile application using the latest tools and technologies. The goal is to discover, document and prioritise all security flaws so that they can be remediated before cyber criminals exploit them.

Benefits of Mobile Application Penetration Testing

The omnipresent nature of mobile apps makes them an attractive opportunity for cyber criminals. Releasing a mobile application with cyber security risks could have a massive impact on your reputation and finances. Mobile penetration testing helps you understand the risks of your mobile application, with minimal disruption to your business.

There are also compliance considerations – if your app collects or processes data for UK or EU citizens, you need mobile application penetration testing to maintain compliance with the GDPR. Regular mobile app pen testing is also an essential part of a secure software development lifecycle (SDLC).

We know the threat landscape is dynamic and constantly evolving which is why we offer 12-months of free vulnerability scanning with every penetration test package.

What vulnerabilities do we find in mobile apps?

Our expert penetration testers have extensive experience with iOS, Android and other mobile platforms to uncover hidden security weaknesses. Here’s a sample of the vulnerabilities we often find:

  1. Mobile Certificate Pinning
  2. SSL Misconfiguration
  3. App Transport Security Disabled
  4. Extraneous Mobile Application Permissions
  5. Installation on Rooted Devices
  6. Application Permissions
  7. Application Debugging
  8. Certificate pinning
  9. Hard-coded keys or credentials
  10. Input validation

of mobile vulnerabilities are easily fixed

of these will be exploited by cyber criminals

Bulletproof mobile app pen testing methodology

Bulletproof follows industry standard best practices for our penetration testing methodology

Scope definition & pre-engagement interactions

Based on your defined goals, we’ll work with you to develop a tailored testing strategy.

Here’s what our customers say about us

We approached Bulletproof as one of several suppliers who offer penetration testing services. Out of all those contacted, Bulletproof were by far the most professional and slick to work with. From start to finish, the whole process was painless and ran like clockwork. The conclusive pen test report was succinct with clear steps of resolution provided. We were genuinely impressed with how easy Bulletproof were to work with, and would definitely recommend.

Eleanor Blacklock KURVE, Product Manager

This was a very straightforward process. I had enough information up front to understand the process, and did not need to ask many questions along the way. Great service!

Jonathan Lochhass Quantuvis, Chief Operating Officer

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    Frequently asked questions

    • Small apps, networks, cloud systems: 2-3 days
    • Medium apps, networks, cloud systems: 5-10 days
    • Larger apps, networks, cloud systems: 10 days+

    All tests are tailored to you so use this as a guide.

    • Improper Platform Usage
    • Insecure Data Storage
    • Insecure Communication
    • Insecure Authentication
    • Insufficient Cryptography
    • Insecure Authorization
    • Client Code Quality
    • Code Tampering
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Extraneous Functionality

    Bulletproof recommends a blend of all three testing types to get the most value from your penetration testing engagement and understand all the risks.

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