Web application penetration testing

Simulate social engineering attacks to keep your staff & data secure

Why choose Bulletproof to help prevent social engineering attacks?

Critical Protection

Your staff are your biggest cyber risk, so social engineering helps maximise employee vigilance.

Expert Testers

Our team are independently qualified by industry-recognised bodies such as CREST.

Cost-effective Tests

Get a best-fit engagement that’s designed to efficiently meet your security objectives.

Detailed Reporting

Our easy-to-understand reports include a management summary and technical breakdown.

Secure your staff mindset

Secure staff lead to a secure organisation, but social engineering techniques are always growing and evolving. This means your employees need to be continuously aware of the latest tools and tricks hackers will use against them. By regularly testing and educating your staff, you can give them a bulletproof mindset to make them immune to these attacks.

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Key Features

Our social engineering services simulate a targeted social engineering attack by malicious hackers.

  • Advanced phishing/vishing/SMShing techniques to get past your first line of defence
  • Media baiting, impersonation and physical entry options available
  • Our expert social engineers use the same recon & intelligence as real-world hackers
  • Collected credentials are provided as evidence of our success
  • Easy-to-understand report clearly highlights problem areas
  • Combine with security awareness training for maximum protection

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Frequently asked questions

This is often the easiest way for a hacker to compromise a business. No matter how formidable your cyber security is, a member of staff can easily undo it all. In 2019, phishing attacks attempting to get ransomware into businesses had risen 109% from 2017.

Social engineering is a fancy term for what can often be a simple approach. How many times have you received an email that looks like the following?

Dear User,

Your Outlook password is due to expire and requires resetting. Please follow this link to reset it.



IT Dept.

That link will no doubt direct you to a malicious portal owned by hackers intent on getting your password and, if you clicked the link and reset your password, then they’ll have it. When booking a penetration test, many companies choose to include an element of social engineering in order to test their staff’s susceptibility to phishing.

Some important things to look out for is poor spelling and grammar, both in the body text and the email address.

Hackers know the fastest way to compromise your security is to exploit a human being who sits behind it. No matter what technological defences you have in-place to keep hackers out, if a cyber criminal can convince a member of staff to click a malicious link through a cleverly crafted email, all your defences are bypassed. This is what makes social engineering prevention services so vital.

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