Detailed web application pen tests from OSCP and CREST certified security experts.

Expert web app pen tests from Bulletproof

Web Apps & APIs

Bulletproof pen tests comprehensively assess the security of authenticated & unauthenticated web apps, and APIs

Crest Certified Security Experts

All Bulletproof security pen testers are independently qualified by industry-recognised certification bodies such as CREST.

Comprehensive Reporting

You’ll receive a comprehensive report complete with remediation advice and guidance. As well as a full debrief call to run through the findings.

Free Vulnerability Scans

Protect your business with 12 months Free vulnerability scans when you choose Bulletproof as your pen testing partner (Up to 8 ext. IP addresses).

Secure your web apps and APIs

Web application penetration testing is used to test websites and their features by safely simulating a cyber attack. Web app pen testing uses the same up-to-date technology that’s used by real-world attackers to critically assess security vulnerabilities, weaknesses and technical misconfigurations in your web apps and APIs. Regular web app pen testing is the cornerstone of any modern security strategy and is vital for keeping your online presence protected against data breaches.

Benefits of web app penetration testing

Bulletproof’s CREST-certified penetration testers will carefully analyse all aspects of your web app and API to methodically uncover your security weaknesses. Every test follows industry best practices, such as OWASP, and is designed to protect what matters most to your business. Bulletproof’s comprehensive after-action reports provide both an easy-to-understand executive summary and a vital technical breakdown.

  • Expose vulnerabilities and poor security controls
  • Uncover web application security flaws
  • Reveal insecure functionality in your app
  • Discover security design issues

We understand how dynamic the threat landscape is, which is why we offer 12-months of free vulnerability scanning on up to 8 IP addresses when you book a web app pen test.

Types of web app pen test

Web apps and can be tested as either authenticated or unauthenticated, which model different attack vectors. Bulletproof recommends a blend of authenticated and unauthenticated testing to ensure all security risks are discovered and documented.


Authenticated pen tests analyse the security of your web app from the perspective of an attacker who has breached the external security or phished valid credentials. This is a more in-depth test and shows the real damage a successful cyber attack could cause.


Unauthenticated web app testing models what kind of damage a cyber criminal could do without having access to valid user credentials. This type of testing is useful for identifying vulnerabilities that can be exploited by anyone who has access to the web app, such as a login page.


API pen testing is a vital component to include if your web application has an API. It’s best practice to test your APIs in addition to the rest of your web apps, though API testing is often covered separately from the scope of a web app penetration test.

Top 10 vulnerabilities in web app pen tests

Top 10 most common web application vulnerabilities we have found when pen testing:

  1. Improper Access Controls
  2. Stored Cross-Site Scripting
  3. Outdated Website Libraries/Components
  4. Cross-Site Request Forgery
  5. SQL Injection
  6. Reflected Cross-Site Scripting
  7. CSV Injection
  8. Arbitrary File Upload
  9. Server-Side Request Forgery
  10. Unrestricted File Upload

of web vulnerabilities are a low effort to fix

high likelihood of being exploited

A Bulletproof web application pen testing methodology & service

Most penetration testing follows a 6-step lifecycle:

Scope definition & pre-engagement interactions

Based on your defined goals, we’ll work with you to develop a tailored testing strategy.

Here’s what our customers say about us

We approached Bulletproof as one of several suppliers who offer penetration testing services. Out of all those contacted, Bulletproof were by far the most professional and slick to work with. From start to finish, the whole process was painless and ran like clockwork. The conclusive pen test report was succinct with clear steps of resolution provided. We were genuinely impressed with how easy Bulletproof were to work with, and would definitely recommend.

Eleanor Blacklock KURVE, Product Manager

This was a very straightforward process. I had enough information up front to understand the process, and did not need to ask many questions along the way. Great service!

Jonathan Lochhass Quantuvis, Chief Operating Officer

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    Penetration Testing Case Study

    Learn how a Bulletproof pen test helped Traced create a chain of trust, improve its security posture, and inspire customer confidence.

    Frequently asked questions

    • Authenticated tests analyse the security of your web app from a privileged user perspective.
    • Unauthenticated tests mean that our penetration testers hunt for security weaknesses without access to user credentials.
    • API tests are a vital component to include if your web application has an API. Penetration testing a web app’s API uses slightly different tools, and techniques. It is often covered separately from the scope of a web app test.

    Bulletproof recommends a blend of all three testing types to get the most value from your penetration testing engagement and understand all the risks.

    A scope would include gathering as much information about the target as possible, identifying all the web applications that require testing, and whether the test will be authenticated or unauthenticated.

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